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True position

Position tolerance is the most commonly used symbol in GD&T geometric tolerancing, The True Position is the exact coordinate, or location allowable in the defined dimensions of a feature. Position tolerance can also be used together with MMC Maximum material condition and LMC Least material condition.

Position tolerance reference to a datum of size.
Positioning tolerance of diameter 0.2 reference to datum A,B and C. The center location of the diameter 20 hole can fall within the range of diameter 0.2 in both X and Y axis.

position tolerance

true position


Position tolerance use with MMC, Maximum Material Condition.
When the hole size is at MMC Maximum Material Condition, Diameter 19.99. The positioning tolerance is called for 0.2. When the hole size is at 20.01, LMC Least Material Condition, the positioning tolerance will be 0.2+0.02=0.22. Meaning the center location of the hole at LMC can fall within the range of diameter 0.22.

ture position definition


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