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Runout circular runout

Runout tolerance specify how far a feature is permitted to depart form and location indicated on the drawing. There are two types of runout tolerances, the circular runout and the total runout, A runout tolerance controls a surface of revolution relative to a datum axis. The datum axis may be established by a diameter of sufficient length, two diameter having sufficient axis separation or a plane and a diameter perpendicular to it.
Since runout tolerance controls surface feature, it cannot be modified at MMC. The value of the runout tolerance can be greater or less than controlled feature size tolerance except when the controlled feature is constructed at right angle to the datum axis.


Circular runout
Circular runout is the deviation of a circular element from perfect form and location with respect to a datum axis. The tolerance zone is confined by two concentric circles centered about the datum axis. The following example, each circular line element of the feature must fall within 0.1 wide tolerance zone which is centered about the datum axis.


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