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Engineering plastic polymer selection guide

Plastic selection guideThis plastic selection guide provides readers some help with plastics characteristic and it application , this plastic material selection guide lists the most common plastic material types available together with an overview of basic properties of each plastic when in natural colour unfilled grade.

The plastic selection guide also gives advice on typical trade names, uses for mouldings made from each type of plastic material.


Polymer Grade Trade Name Characteristic Application
PP Polypropylene Scratch resistant lightweight
Living hinges
Extremely high chemical resistance
Milk bottles
End caps
PMMA Acrylic Lucite
Transparent or opaque Display stands
ABS Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, Styrene Cycolac Strong, flexible uses rubber as a filler Toys, automotive, gauges, and boxes
PA6/6 Nylon 6/6 Zytel Chemical resistant & strong Chain saws connectors housings
Zip ties
AC Acetal Delrin


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PC Polycarbonate Lexan Bullet proof Safety shields
PBT / PET Polyester Valox Withstands high heat Valves
PPS Polyphenylene sulfide Ryton
Possesses many properties of Thermoset materials, i-e. Dielectric, heat resistance, etc.
Withstands the highest heat
Often replaces Thermoset in some cases
Covers, switches, and shields



Possesses many properties of Thermoset materials, i-e. Dielectric, heat resistance, etc.

Often replaces Thermoset in some cases.
Surgical tools
Covers, switches, and shields
PEEK Polyetheretherketone Chemical resistant & strong

Mil-Spec connectors


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