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Fire Work Tutorial
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1. Open new document and set Canvas size to 160 x160 pixels. Set background to Black ( #333333# )color by checking Custom icon and select the color from the box beside the icon. Follow this step :- File --> New --> A pop up table appear, set size and background as shown below --> Click OK, You will see a new canvas appear in the center of the screen after clicking OK.

2. Draw a circle with the Ellipse tool from the tool panel, with the circle size of 80x80 pixels and you should have the image bellow. To set the circle size, you have to set from the info panel, if you can't see the panel, click window --> info. You will see the panel pop up at your right hand side.

3.Next, adjust the radial by using the Fill tool.
Follow these steps carefully:- Click the circle with the pointer tool ( black arrow ) from the Tool panel then click the Fill panel to adjust the color and radial. If you can't see the pop up panel, please click Window --> Fill --> Radial --> Edit --> adjust radial color and depth as shown below by clicking the adjuster :


--> click Paint bucket tool ( you should see the adjusting handle on top of the image by doing so ) --> adjust handle left and right to create the effect you want. Experience it by rotating and moving the handle, see the effect after every move. This tutorial we want the sphere effect like this.

- End of part 1 -

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