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Fire Work Tutorial
lesson 2











1. Open new document and set Canvas size to 160 x160 pixels. Set background to Black ( #333333# )color. Follow this step :- File --> New --> Set size and background as shown below --> Click OK,


2. Click on the Pen tool from the Tool panel, draw a curve line as shown below by clicking a start point from the left of the canvas and a second point on the right, you should hold on to your mouse when you click the second point and move the mouse away from the point. You will see an adjuster appear by doing that, move the adjuster to create the curve line we want.

3. Click the Text tool from the Tool panel, click a starting point on the canvas, a pop up text editor appear, write a text of height 16 with pink ( #FFOOFF )color. Here I use my URL name You should have something like that.


4. Select both Text and Path from the Layer panel.
Click Text --> Attach to path. You should have the text align along the curve.

5. Insert the image from our tutorial 1into the canvas, you will have this beautiful image.

- End Of Part 2 -

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