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Fire Work Tutorial
lesson 3
fireworks graphic tutorial
































1. Open new document and set Canvas size to 750 x100 pixels. File --> New -->width 750 height 100 --> OK. ( if you not sure how to do so, please refer back to tutorial 1 )

2. Click on the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle of 750 x 100 pixel cover the whole canvas. set rectangle alignment X = 0 Y=0 and height 100 width 750. Or click --> Windows --> Info.--> fill in the value as shown below --> OK.

And you should have this :-


3. Click the Pointer tool ( Black arrow ) and click the image you have just created. Go to window --> Fill --> Linear --> edit --> Adjust handle according to the picture below

Click the Paint bucket tool and you should able to see the adjuster handle appear on your image. Rotate and move the handle as shown, you will have the following image.

Now, you should have the background image ready. We will continue to put some nice feature on it.
Click the rectangle tool, drawngle with the color of #868686 on top of the image like this. a recta

5. Next, we going to reshape the rectangle image to add some live to it. First, we will slant the edge of the rectangle. Click the subselection tool ( white arrow ) and double click on the new rectangle image --> Click the pen tool --> create a new anchor point onto the image like this.

Next, we going to slant the edge. Click the subselection tool ( white arrow ) --> click the top left anchor point of the rectangle and drag it downward to form a slant, you will have the image like this:-

6. Draw another rectangle below and create another effect using the same method, you will have this :-

7. The next step we will add some 3D effect to it. Click Pointer tool --> Click the slanted rectangle image --> window --> effect --> Bevel and emboss --> inner bevel --> set 2, angle 160 --> shadow and grow --> drop shadow --> set 1 angle 180. Repeat these steps for the second image. You will have this below.


- End of part 3 -

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