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lesson 4































1. This tutorial guide you through how to use simple copy & past techniques to create eye catching image. First, down load these files globe, web1 and web 2. Or you may like to use your own customized image.

2. Open web1 file in the FW environment. File --> open --> select the file you have just downloaded. You will have this image.

3. Open a new file document by clicking File --> New --> set canvas size to 350 x 350 pixel. Background #333333. If you do not know how to do so, please refer to tutorial 1.

4. Click the web 1 image with the pointer tool. Drag the image to the new document, and you should have this:- ( After doing that, you should close the web 1 image to prevent confusion. )

5. Now, I will show you how to use the scale tool to change the shape of the image. First, click the scale tool and click the bragged image, you will see the black anchor points around he image

6. Click the image and drag the image at an angle with your mouse still clicking the image. You will have this :-

7. Click the distort tool to narrow the top edge of the image, click on the black anchor points and adjust the image as shown:-

8. We will be using the blur tool to modify the picture edge a little. Click window --> effect --> Blur --> Gaussian blur. set blur radius to 2.0 --> Click effect again --> Shadow and Glow --> Drop shadow --> set 14 , 65% , 25 , 222 , color # 99FF00 --> return.

You will have this :-

.9. You have just complete 30% of the job, let move on to complete the others. Open the web 2 image and drag it onto the current canvas. Follow the steps 4,5,6, 7 above and you will have this:-

Now, let's continue the Blur and drop shadow, until you achieve this :-

10. Open the file globe, drag and insert it onto the current canvas and you will have this.

- End part 4 -

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