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This lesson shows you how to make use of opacity function to create special effect shown above.

1. Open new document and set Canvas size to 400 x 200 pixels. Set background to White color ( #FFFFF ) by checking Custom icon and select the color from the box beside the icon. Follow this step :- File --> New --> A pop up table appear, set size and background accordingly --> Click OK, You will see a new canvas appear in the center of the screen after clicking OK. If you are not sure of these steps. Please refer to Lesson 1.

2. In the tool panel, pick green color. ( #00FF00 ) then click the Rectangular tool and make a click inside the canvas and drag over to the other end, you should have the image as shown below.

Click the Layer panel immediately and adjust the opacity to 30, you will see the green color changes lighter as shown below.

3. Make another rectangle follows the previous steps, see what will you have. This time use other color as you wish. I like blue color in this case. Adjust opacity to 30 as well. See what will you have.

4. Repeat the above steps again. Add some other images on it, Can you achieve this?

5. You can even create more effect by setting a blending mode on existing objects. Follow the steps below:-

5.1. With two objects overlapping, select the top object.
5.2. In the Layers panel Blending Mode pop-up menu, choose a blending option.

Difference blending mode



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